We specialize in building fishing vessels from approx. 10 to 35 meter. The ships are designed and drawn at our design office, and collaborators in Eastern Europe build the hulls. When a hull is completed, it is towed to our shipyard in Hvide Sande, where it is outfitted and painted. Since 1995, we have delivered 100+ new vessels for most of northern Europe, including a tug to Shetland. Furthermore, we have built a number of small boats in aluminium for various types of fishing.

Vestvaerftet is situated in Hvide Sande, a town on the west coast of Denmark. The town was founded in 1931 around the large lock system connecting the North Sea and Ringkoebing Fjord. Over the years, the town has developed into a modern fishing harbour with all necessary facilities and services. Former employees of John Kristensen’s Shipbuilding founded Vestvaerftet in 1995. We therefore have a long experience in building and repairing fishing vessels. Today we employ 45 men and an equal number of subcontractors working at our company.