Newbuilding 302 Caprice was delivered to Leidland Fiskeriselskap in September 2014.

Caprice IMG_4316 (Large)-001 IMG_4384 (Large)-001 IMG_4394 (Large)-001 IMG_4405 (Large)-001 IMG_4407 (Large) IMG_4413 (Large) IMG_4414 (Large)-001 IMG_4415 (Large)-001 IMG_4417 (Large)-001 IMG_4418 (Large)-001 IMG_4419 (Large)-001 IMG_4420 (Large)-001 IMG_4421 (Large)-001 IMG_4423 (Large)-001 IMG_4424 (Large)-001 IMG_4427 (Large)-001 IMG_4428 (Large)-001 IMG_4429 (Large)-001 IMG_4434 (Large)-001 IMG_4436 (Large)-001 IMG_4442 (Large)-001 IMG_4443 (Large)-001 IMG_4444 (Large)-001 IMG_4447 (Large)-001 IMG_4449 (Large)-001 IMG_4450 (Large) IMG_4451 (Large)-001 IMG_4453 (Large)-001 IMG_4456 (Large) IMG_4458 (Large) IMG_4466 (Large) IMG_4477 (Large) IMG_4484 (Large) IMG_4487 (Large)-001 IMG_4520 (Large)-001 IMG_4668 (Large) IMG_4673 (Large) IMG_4680 (Large) IMG_4681 (Large) IMG_4682 (Large)-001 IMG_4686 (Large)-001 IMG_4687 (Large)

Type: Shrimptrawler
Length OA: 27,57 meter
Beam MLD: 8,40 meter
Main engine: Caterpillar 3508C, 1050 Hk, 1600 o/min., 8 cylindre in V, 34,5 liter
Aux:2 of Cummins Genset type 6B-CP, 80 kWe, 50 Hz.
Gearbox:Heimdal, 2 PTO, red. 11,6:1
Propeller: Heimdal K600, CP 2800mm, 4 blade
Thruster:Hundested 160 hk
Steering gear:Scan Steering, type MT1600
Shrimp process equipment:Automatic shrimp cooking system, type Intech.
Accomodation:3 of 2-man cabin, 1 of skipper cabin
Cooling and Freezing system:Lemvig Køleteknik
Hydraulic System:Thyborøn Skibs- & Motor, 3 of splitwinch 8,0L, 21,1 ton, 2 of split netdrum, moving gallow w. cylindre, 1 of TMP1000 kran.
Year of delivery:September 2014
Owner:Leidland Fiskeriselskap
Homeport:Egersund, Norway